Connects2 launches DAB splitters

C2splitterthe Problem is well known. To install a new Generation DAB+ receiver into the car a additional Antenna is necessary. The experienced Connects2 RF engineers have designed an elegant answer to these challenges. The solution is the DAB+ Splitter! These Splitters simply use the Factory installed Antenna which is serial in many vehicles and use their Signal for the new DAB+ Unit. This makes the change much more cost effective for the customer and brings less efforts to the Installer. c2splitter1There are still many millions of cars on the road with passive Antennas and the new Connects2 splitter can take their signal from a single ISO, DIN of Fakra plug. It lets the analogue signal pass through to a duplicate analogue antenna plug whilst adding a separate SMA, or SMB amplified Digital Radio connection for the new DAB+ Tuner. It fits perfect behind the Radio and the customer don´t see anything at all.

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