CITY OVERDRIVE – Underground Party


The last leg of the EMMA Arabia season 2015-16 took place at City Walk Mall, Dubai where no less than 100 cars (plus guest such as Civil Defense and Dubai Ambulances) took part.

The Competition was held over 2 days (22-23rd April 2016) and provided side activities such as live band: Chronicles of Khan, DJ, Graffiti Artist, Food Trucks, etc…

Many U. A. E. Car Clubs were present and members enjoyed both the informal gathering, the Party and the competition.

Main Sponsor JVC offered many products as prizes for the winners, including Head Units, Amplifiers and Subwoofers.  Thank you to JVC for this contribution to the closure of the season.


Also a big thank you to the City Walk Mall Management for their kind support to the organization of this spectacular event.

EMMA Arabia

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