First Leg 2015-16 was for Big Boys only!!

EMMA Arabia First Leg 2015-16 was for Big Boys Only!

This weekend, 16th October 2015, was full of emotions as EMMA Arabia competitors rushed to measure up their cars to the region’s best SQ, ESQL, ESPL and EMMA Racing categories.


The day was very competitive as new comers into the SQ category came to demo their rides, new faces into the ESQL and ESPL as well but most strikingly, the level of EMMA Racing was one of the highest ever experienced.


EMMA Racing is indeed building to be one of the predominant category in a market where car modifications has become a favorite pastime and where workshops are becoming hugely professional. FOS Automotive Concept was celebrating the opening of its brand new facilities in Umm Ramool, Dubai: Modifications Workshop and Auto Spa Detailing Facilility.


Other sponsors were very well represented: JVC Team came in full swing, Royal Purple, APR, BLAM, HELIX and BRAX were also present in the form of demo products and displays.


Top Performance magazine were also present as media partners for this season.


The 9 trained judges moved swiftly into the cars to measure and rate audio performance, quality and safety of installation as well as number and quality of modifications (interior, exterior plus engine bay).


We saw exhibition of performance from all competitors who were keen to show off their ride…


The day closed with the Award Ceremony: certificates, trophies and prizes for the winners.


Most importantly for the competitors were the learnings to know where they rank and how they can further improve their car, planning for LEG 2, on 20th November 2015 (venue to be announced shortly).



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