Al Ain 21st October 2016

As the heat relaxed in the U. A. E. the first competition of 2016-17 season was held at Street Custom Show, Al Ain, at the occasion of the “Love Emirates Event”.

The show was hosted by Danat Resort hotel and all our sponsors actively participated in the build-up as well as during the event.

The EMMA competition categories were augmented with 4 basic recognition entries into the world of EMMA Racing:

Show & Shine (best overall ride)

Best Mod. Engine

Best Mod. Exterior

Best Mod Interior

We also had the visit of the UAE bikers group as well as the off roaders for whom a competition will soon be in place.

Total of 600 cars and 300 bikes visited the event. One of the most attended, beginning-of-the-season motor gathering.

Results and pictures talk for themselves.

Your EMMA Arabia Team!

PS: pictures courtesy of CarCulture.aescreen-shot-2016-10-23-at-4-20-17-pmespl_esql modified-engine modified-exterior_interior showshine sq_espl racing mzr_3750-2 mzr_3753 mzr_3755 mzr_3758 mzr_3760-1 mzr_3764 mzr_3770 mzr_3771 mzr_3778 mzr_3784 mzr_3788 mzr_3791 mzr_3796 mzr_3799 mzr_3801 mzr_3803 mzr_3815 mzr_3819 mzr_3858-1 mzr_3860 mzr_3863 mzr_3868-3 mzr_3872-1 mzr_3873 mzr_3885 mzr_3889 mzr_3896 mzr_3899-1 mzr_3906 mzr_3915 mzr_3920 mzr_3924-1 mzr_3926 mzr_3928-3 mzr_3928 mzr_3932 mzr_3951-2 mzr_3966 mzr_3984 mzr_3986 mzr_3987 mzr_3990 mzr_3991 mzr_3993 mzr_3994 mzr_3996 mzr_3997 mzr_3998 mzr_3999 mzr_4000 mzr_4002 mzr_4005 mzr_4006 mzr_4009 mzr_4010 mzr_4012 mzr_4014 mzr_4016 mzr_4017 mzr_4020 mzr_4022 mzr_4025 mzr_4027 mzr_4029 mzr_4031 mzr_4032 mzr_4033 toyota86_sq_entry-winner