Sound Quality 3” Fullrange by Ground Zero

Introducing the brand new GZUF 60SQ

2014-0007_GZ_News_GZUF-60SQ_1The Ground Zero Uranium line stands for affordable Sound Quality products and does feature already an outstanding 165 mm / 6.5” Mid woofer as well as 25 mm / 1” Tweeter which are also available as a set. However, an efficient and powerful midrange driver was missing. And that is how and why the brand new GZUF 60SQ has been developed which is available right now! Technically, there are similarities to the previous GZPM 60SQ, but several important things have been improved, such as the basket. To extend the mounting possibilities, the mounting plates have been removed. Therefore, a round, black anodized aluminium ring for front mounting and a steel spring for rear mounting were added. Also the rear Ventilation became bigger to improve the sound quality and reduce standing waves. The new GZUF 60SQ comes with a black anodised aluminium cone and a convex dust cap, directly connected to the voice coil former to realise also an excellent full range performance up to 20kHz. The powerful neodymium magnet system with integrated copper cap for impedance linearizing and distortion minimising comes with compact outer dimensions for easy installation.2014-0007_GZ_News_GZUF-60SQ_2

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