Training Judges for New Season

IT'S TRAINING TIME... A big thank you to FOS for hosting the new season training for our newly born (or reborn) judges. Training completed for SOUND, INSTALLATION and EMMA RACING. All excited and looking forward to our first leg competition, next Friday 16 October - also at FOS, Umm Ramool, Dubai, UAE. See you there

Training Cover P1070415 P1070409 P1070408 P1070407 P1070406 P1070405 P1070404 P1070403 P1070402 P1070401 P1070400 P1070399 IMG_8410 IMG_8409 IMG_8408 IMG_8407 IMG_8406 IMG_8405 IMG_8404 IMG_8403 IMG_8402 IMG_8400 IMG_8399 IMG_8398 IMG_8397 IMG_8396 IMG_8395 IMG_8394 IMG_8393 IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8390 IMG_8389